A Bit of History

Immanuel Baptist Church had its beginning in a business meeting at Bullitt Lick Baptist Church on July 3, 1957, when a motion was made to investigate about buying a building for a mission on Blue Lick Road. Those serving on the committee were: Edward Sears, Walter Sallengs, Rosa Tinnell, Kathleen Skaggs, and Bro. Odell Leigh.

In October 1957, the mission was approved. The building was a two-room white frame building that they rented for $15 a month and it was located about three houses from our present church building.

Three regular families were instrumental in starting this mission. They were: Mr. & Mrs. Walter Sallengs, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sears, and Mr. & Mrs. Everett Troutman.

On November 7, 1957, Bro. Leonard Bias was called as the first pastor of the mission, which was known as the Immanuel Baptist Chapel.

Some highlights of Immanuel Baptist Church:

  • The pastor’s pay was raised from $15 to $20 per week beginning December 1, 1958.
  • The Immanuel Baptist Chapel became a fully independent, organized church on April 24, 1960.
  • The first funeral held in the church was on March 22, 1964 – Mr. Abraham Thomas Sallengs.
  • Bro. Jack Roberts was ordained on March 5, 1967.
  • The present sanctuary was built in 1966. Bro. Ray Armstrong delivered the dedication message on May 14, 1967.
  • The parsonage was purchased on November 8, 1968.
  • R. B. Lee and Billy Troutman were ordained as deacons on March 25, 1979.
  • Carpet was laid in the sanctuary in 1981 for $2,400.00.
  • Baptistery was built in 1984, added air conditioning in 1985.
  • Interim pastors were: Mike Day, W. C. Boone, Robert Fisher, Charles Daniel, Calvin Fields, Charles Holland, Ford, Duesner, Roy Boatwright, J. D. Herndon, David Q. Byrd.
  • Bro. Carl M. Thomas preached on May 24, 1998 and was hired as Interim Pastor on May 31, 1998. He was called to serve as Pastor in August 1998.

God has blessed Immanuel Baptist Church through the years and she continues to serve the community with a goal to reach others for Jesus Christ by carrying out the Great Commission. To God be all glory, honor, and praise for He is faithful.